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Secret Is In No Stranger-Danger

| Related | June 1, 2014

(It should be noted that my brother is an extremely shy person. Although 25 he struggles to talk to even store clerks if he doesn’t know them. He and I get into a discussion over how many famous people there are with the forename or surname ‘Patrick.’ I’m trying to remember the name of the actor who played Professor X in the “X-Men” films.)

Me: “Patrick Stewart! That’s the Professor X Patrick!”

Brother: “Really? Oh, my god, are you kidding? How could you forget that?”

Me: “I was mixing up his name and Ian McKellen’s names to get Ian Patrick and Stewart McKellen but those didn’t sound right.”

Brother: “At least those are realistic names. But, wow, you should be so embarrassed right now.”

Me: “I am. I’m ashamed. Please don’t tell anyone.”

Brother: “I’m going to tell everyone. Our parents, my friends, my professors at school…”

Me: “Oh, no, please don’t!”

Brother: “I’m going to introduce myself to strangers.”

Me: “What! No!”

Brother: *laughing* “Do you honestly feel threatened right now? Jesus, [My Name], think of how many strangers I’ve introduced myself to ever. Your secret is safe.”

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