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Second Window Shenanigans

, , | Right | October 24, 2020

A customer pulls up to the second window to receive her food. For a while, customers have been trying to place orders at the second window. Naturally, this holds up our drive-thru, but we have been told to put up with it to avoid complaints. Recently, management was told to improve our drive-thru times, so we have been refusing to take orders at the second window unless our order taker messed up.

Customer: “How much is [menu item]?”

Me: “[Price].”

Customer: “How much is [other menu item]?”

Me: “[Price].”

I have a feeling this lady is up to something, and sure enough, I’m right.

Customer: “Can I get [first menu item]?”

Me: “I’m sorry. You’ll have to drive around and place your order at the speaker.”

Customer: “Why? They let me order here before.”

Me: “Yes, but we’re cracking down on that.”

While this wasn’t the best explanation, she got the message and shut up after that.

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