Second-Hand Taxation

, , , | Right | January 17, 2018

(Occasionally, I help out at a second-hand shop in a small town. Customers think that because it is a second-hand shop, they can bargain any price they want. We don’t bargain. Prices are as marked. This doesn’t stop customers from trying, though.)  

Customer: “I want these items. It’s tax time, so you better have something worked out for me. See what you can do for me.”

Me: “Uh…”

(The customer waves me away as he walks away to continue shopping for basic kitchen items and household décor. A few minutes later, the customer comes to the counter with his wife, ready to purchase his items.)

Me: “Okay, that’s $10 in total.”

Customer: “Yeah. but it’s tax time. It should be less.”

Me: “Sir, this is a second-hand store. Your total is $10. I can’t make any further discounts.”

Customer’s Wife: “Oh, for goodness sake. It’s only $10. Don’t be so cheap, darling!”

(He quickly relented and paid the $10, then left with his wife who was laughing at his attempts. I don’t know what tax time has to do with getting a discount on small, used household items from a second-hand shop.)

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