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Seasoned With Such Customers

, , , | Right | January 13, 2020

(I work the night shift at a fast food chain and every so often there’s a regular who comes by. She’s always slightly rude and really impatient despite ordering items like a chicken sandwich, which takes about seven minutes to cook since we don’t keep any up during the night. This time she has come through the drive-thru.)

Me: “What can I get for you?”

Customer: “[Specialty sandwich].”

Me: “Okay, that’s a [specialty sandwich]. Anything else?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Okay, your total is [total] and I will see you at the second window!”

(She pulls up to the window and is now the only customer we have at the moment. I cash her out and, while I wait for them to finish making it, I start finishing up some chores. When I turn around to hand out the order, I see the customer standing there inside with her receipt.)

Customer: “I ordered the #2! Not the [specialty sandwich]!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry about that! Let me just have them remake it for you.”

Customer: “And I ordered a meal!”

Me: “Okay, sorry about that!”

(Annoyed, I tell them to remake the sandwich while I get her fries and drink.)

Customer: “I feel like you have something against me! Every time I come here you always put so much seasoning on my burger!”

Me: “No, ma’am, we don’t have anything against you. You can just ask for us to not put as much seasoning on the burger.”

Customer: “No, you have something against me!”

Me: “Here you go, ma’am, sorry about that!” *hands her the food*

(She thankfully hasn’t been back since.)

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