Season Pass For Entitlement

, , , , | Right | January 24, 2018

(I work in an amusement park that has a water park next to it, but they aren’t connected. This happens on a hot summer day when the water park has hit maximum capacity.)

Guest: “The water park is being so stupid!”

Me: “How?”

Guest: “They aren’t letting anyone in. They have the entrance completely blocked off!”

Me: “They are at max capacity.”

Guest: “Well, we are season pass holders, so we should get in!”

Me: “But they are at maximum capacity. They can’t fit any more people in; there’s no room.”

Guest: “They should make room, since we are season pass holders. We should have priority over one-day tickets.”

Me: “So, what you are saying is, you want them to kick the day ticket people out so you can get in?”

Guest: “Well, I– I mean I– No, I, uh– Season pass holders should be top priority, so we should get in first! So, yes, that would be nice, if it were possible.”

(I gave her a look that could only be described as saying, “Seriously?” She just grinned and walked away.)

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