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Searching For History Repeated

| Learning | September 2, 2013

(We are taking a history test. History is my favorite subject. I am flanked by two kids who not only crib answers off my paper, but lean way over without even attempting to conceal it to the rest of the class when the instructor’s back is turned. This is about the tenth time this has happened. After the instructor has started grading the papers, she stops partway through and calls me up to speak to me.)

History Teacher: “I’d really like to know the meaning of this. Question four was ‘who was our second president,’ and you answered ‘Abraham Lincoln.'”

Me: “Yep. I think that’s the answer I gave.”

History Teacher: “And for ‘what year was the Declaration of Independence signed,’ you wrote ‘1976.’”

Me: “I did.”

History Teacher: *sighs “I know you’re a good student, and you do well in this class. I know you know these are ridiculous answers. Are you acting up on purpose or something?”

Me: “Nah. But I suggest you look to see who else’s papers have those same stupid answers.”

History Teacher: *breaks out laughing* “Oh! I get it. Very clever!”

(The next day, both Misters ‘Abraham-Lincoln-signed-the-Declaration-of-Independence-in-1976’ were roundly mocked by her in front of the class, and made to take tests in opposite corners of the room for the rest of the semester. They did end up doing better in the class after they had to actually study!)

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