Behave Or There Will Be The Devil To Anime

| OH, USA | Friendly | October 14, 2016

(The library is closing, so I haul my bag onto the table and begin packing my stuff. One young lady, who has spent the past week in the library studying around the same time I was there, approaches me.)

Lady: “Can I see your pins?”

Me: “Sure.” *I hold out the straps on my bag to let her see all the pins running across it*

Lady: “Wow. There’s a lot of anime pins here. I didn’t think you were the type to like anime.”

Me: “I love anime. What type of person did you think I was?” *I ask good-naturedly*

Lady: “I dunno. I just didn’t think you were someone who liked anime. Like, I sorta thought you were a Christian.”

Me: “I am a Christian.”

Lady: “I meant the kind of person who goes to church all the time.”

Me: “I do go to church all the time.”

Lady: “Oh… Well, I just didn’t think you were the kind of person who likes anime.”

Knows World War Two Too Much

| Denver, CO, USA | Learning | January 29, 2016

(I am meeting my World History teacher for the first time in class.)

Teacher: “Okay, this class will start off with World War I and World War II, mainly. You know why? Because I think those are the most influential and interesting wars of human history. Is there anyone in here that knows the basics of either of these wars?”

(I feel a grin spread across my face. I am a fan of an anime that explains the history of the world with cutesy characters. I raise my hand and answer:)

Me: “In World War II, the two main sides were the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) and the Allied Forces (Russia, China, France, England, and America). Canada was also a part of the Allied Forces, but they were invisible to the rest of the world and often not credited. Italy was the weakest of the Axis Powers, basically calling Germany for help constantly. ‘GERMANY, GERMANY! FRANCE IS KICKING MY ASS! AND SOUTHERN ITALY IS BEATING ME UP!!’”

Teacher: *blinks and remains quiet*

Me: “The war ended after the Normandy Landings in Europe and the bombings of Japan, with the official dissolution of the Kingdom of Prussia following not too soon afterwards.”

(Class continues as normal for a little bit. The teacher hands me a note half-way through: SEE ME AFTER CLASS. After class…)

Teacher: “You knew an awful lot about World War II…”

Me: *nervously* “Yeah… heh…”

Teacher: *shows computer screen* “I’m guessing that you watch this during your free time?”

(Lo and behold, the computer is pulled up to a wiki page on the exact anime I was referencing earlier in class. Turns out the teacher was a huge fan of the anime too, and owned not only the DVD sets, but also several copies of the original manga!)

Survey Corps Versus Lunch Nazis

| AL, USA | Learning | January 18, 2014

(At lunch we have two ‘lunch nazi staff” that patrol around criticizing every detail on the students’ clothing, even if it is not against dress code. I am wearing a white, lacy dress, which is mostly a summer dress, completely within dress code. It is near the end of November, so it is somewhat cold, but I am naturally hot, so it does not bother me.)

Staff: “Do you have a jacket or something that you can use to cover yourself? Your bra strap is showing, and it is highly inappropriate. Plus it is a summer dress, which you should not be wearing during this time of year.”

Me: “I do not think so.”

Staff: “Close your laptop and follow me.”

(I close my laptop, losing the progress on my chemistry homework, and I am about to follow when I suddenly remember a jacket I got from a recent anime convention. I open my bag I was wearing, and pull out a large, green cloak identical to that of an anime character.)

Staff: “Your have a jacket? Well good for you, otherwise I would have had to take you to the office to have a parent bring you a jacket or remain in ‘in-house’ for the rest of the day.”

(The lunch nazi staff walks away. My friend and I start laughing hysterically. Thanks to the anime convention, to this day I have never gotten a single detention, much less ‘in-house!’)

All Things To Some People

| USA | Friendly | July 3, 2014

(I’m at my school’s science fair, looking around at other people’s projects. Since it’s an online school I don’t know most of the people there. I notice a girl dressed differently and approach her.)

Me: “Hey, your clothes look familiar…”

Girl: “Uh, they might. Do you watch [Anime]?”

Me: “Yeah, wait! Are you cosplaying [Character]?!”

Girl: “YEAH! Do you like them?!”

(I show her a phone charm from the anime. She gets excited.)

Girl: “I HAVE TO SHOW YOU TO MY MOM! She said nobody like me would be here! I FOUND MY PEOPLE!”

(We hung out most of the day.)

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Cosplay Makes My Day

, , , | Sandusky, OH, USA | Hopeless | March 16, 2016

(I’m at an anime convention, and go to a fast food place down the road from the hotel. There’s also a big biker’s event nearby, and the building is crowded with rather intimidating men. As I have my cosplay on still, I fear harassment. While waiting for a table, one of the bikers comes up to me.)

Biker: “Hey, I love your outfit. Did you make that yourself?”

Me: “Uh… Yeah… Thanks…”

Biker: “Do you mind if I take a picture?”

Me: “Oh, not at all. Go ahead!”

(He takes a quick picture, then goes back to his table. Later, I ask my waitress for my bill, and she shakes her head.)

Waitress: “Someone else paid for your meal. And he said to give you this.”

(She hands me a note.)

Note: “Thank you for letting me take a picture of your cosplay. My son is home with cancer, and loves [Anime]. I sent him the picture, and he’s smiled for the first time since he got sick. Thank you.”

(I almost started crying. I didn’t see the man after that.)

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