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Screw Your Fellow Man, Apparently

, , , | Right | March 14, 2022

A woman collapsed at my register. Naturally, we rush to get a first aider and call an ambulance. Because she collapsed in front of the register in the middle of a transaction, I had to close the register down and watch her to make sure she didn’t hurt herself more or didn’t get stepped on or run over by other customers.

A customer came over, and in spite of there being plenty of other registers open, he decided he wanted to use my closed register.

Me: “Sir, this register is closed due to a medical emergency.”

Customer: “She’s just drunk. Leave her and come serve me!”

The more I told him to go to another register, the more he laid into the woman, calling her a drunk, a druggie, an attention seeker, etc. The woman really did not look well. I don’t know what was wrong with her, but the paramedics looked worried and rushed her into the ambulance.

The worst part of this is that even if she were a drug addict or drunk, this dude felt she should be left to die so he could buy beer and Doritos. I’m pretty used to some selfish and entitled behaviour, but this one was terrible even for entitled customers.

Question of the Week

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