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Screensaver To Marriage-Saver

| Romantic | April 2, 2012

(My husband is sitting on his computer, working on a game he’s trying to program. I’m sitting next to him on the couch, being lazy, and needing to clean up the kitchen a little. I tell him I need motivation.)

Husband: “Give me a second.” *types furiously* “Okay, look!”

(I look at his screen. He has the biggest, proudest grin on his face. He has made a silly little text thing that spins around, like the screensaver, to say ‘Clean up the kitchen and I’ll give you a kiss!’. He clicks the screen once and it changes to ‘I love you!’)

Me: “That’s very sweet.”

(I hug him and giggle, and then glance at the screen to look at the ‘I love you’ spin around one more time. Unfortunately, it has changed – now it says ‘Leave’.)

Me: “Oh, well, isn’t that nice!”

Husband: “What?” *looks at screen* “Oh, crap! That was from the other thing I was doing, I forgot to change it!”

Me: *bursts into laughter* “Your computer actually just told me to leave.”

Husband: “I swear, d*** robots taking over the world!”

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