Screaming About Everything Including The Kitchen Sink

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(I work in home improvement, and sell anything from toilets to fancy shower heads. I just sold a woman a kitchen sink last week. I get a call.)

Caller: “There is no cut-out template for this sink! You should have made me one when I picked the sink up last week! My counter guys will be here tomorrow!”

Me: “Oh, is this the cast iron sink from last week?”

Caller: “Yes, who do you think it is?!”

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, it’s been a busy few days! That sink is a 33×22 and just drops into a hole, so whoever is installing your counter tops should be able to just simply cut out the normal template for a sink.”

Caller: “We don’t have a template! That is the problem! How will they install tomorrow?”

Me: “The sink is the normal size for a kitchen, and has a normal shape to it. The counter installers should be able to simply cut a hole based on that. A lot of companies only send out templates if there is an unusual shape to the sink, or if it is not the average size.”

Customer: “Do you not understand that I don’t have a template?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. I am saying that the counter installers should not need one for this sink. It’s a normal, rectangular 33×22, so they just need to cut the same hole they would for any sink.”

Customer: “God, you don’t get it. Make me a template!”

Me: “I don’t have the means to create a template. You need a specialized printer for that. The company who makes the sink will have them online and you can take the file to a print shop, but with this size of sink, just tell your counter installers to use the basic template. They will be able to measure the sink and see what hole to cut. Have they seen the sink yet?”

Customer: “So, will you print me a template or not?”

Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t have the means to print that for you. But you just need to talk to your counter—”

Customer: “You are refusing to print one for me?”

Me: “If I had a printer capable, I would happily print a template. However, my store does not have these. You would need to go to a print shop, but I would suggest calling your counter installer and giving them the sink dimensions. They will be able to install it with no problems.”

Customer: “I’m going to report you for refusing to help me!”

Me: “Ma’am, you may report me if you wish, but you just need to tell your counter installers that you have a basic 33×22 top-mounted sink. They will be able to install it.”

Customer: “Unbelievable!”

(I never got a complaint and she never called back. I’ve never had someone refuse to listen so stubbornly before.)

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