Screamer, Baker, Quitter, Cry

| Working | March 3, 2017

(I work at a franchised coffee and donuts shop, where the owner of the franchise is verbally abusive to his employees. As a result turnover is ridiculously high and we are frequently short-staffed. We are particularly short on bakers, and our only day baker just got out of an argument with the owner.)

Baker: “One more thing… If he says one more god***n thing to me, I swear to God I’m going to quit.”

Me: “Do it. I don’t know what your financial situation is, but it’s not worth the abuse you get.”

Baker: “I have enough money to last until I find another job. Another franchise in the city will absolutely hire me in no time.”

Me: *sees the owner fuming towards us* “I better get back to work. Have fun…”

(I walk away and stock some nearby machines, just outside of hearing distance.)

Owner: “Why don’t we have any cake donuts?”

Baker: “They’re in the oven.”

Owner: “Well, they should be in the display, shouldn’t they?”

Baker: “Do you want me to time travel and take their cake donuts from the future? Or maybe you should just stop complaining and wait.”

Owner: “What the h*** did you just say to me?! You stupid little brat, you’re lucky you even have the chance to work for me!”

Baker: “All right, then, I quit.”

Owner: “Excuse me?”

Baker: “I quit. You can mail me my last cheque. I don’t need this.”

(The baker took his hat off and left, with the owner screaming at him from behind. The night baker had to come in and do days, but not for very long. Three days later the day baker was back with a fresh smile on his face. Apparently the owner called him to apologize and gave him a raise. He quit two months later to go back to school, but I never forgot how the owner’s attitude changed so suddenly when he realized he needed that baker.)

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