Scouting For A Job

| Friendly | November 16, 2016

(Even though my kids are older now, I still volunteer as a cub scout leader, because I enjoy it. Normally, I am at the meeting a half hour early, with everything all set up. This day my train was delayed by an hour getting home from work, so I was 10 minutes late for the meeting. I went straight to the meeting after quickly grabbing my materials, and was still dressed in my nice office clothes rather than my uniform.)

Me: “Boys, I am sorry I’m late. My train was delayed because the police had to arrest a bad guy.”

Scout: “Why were you on the train?”

Me: “I was coming home from work. That’s why I’m dressed in my professor clothes, not my uniform.”

Scout: *looking really confused* “But, wait… I thought THIS was your job!”

(He was totally adorable, but looked slightly disappointed that Scout Leader wasn’t the only thing I do. The cuteness – that’s why I lead!)

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