Scoring Ten Out Of Nine For Stupidity

, , , , | Right | September 18, 2018

(I work in a chain of stores that has over 300 locations across Canada. There is one flyer for all the stores, but my store often has cheaper prices than the flyer due to local competition. An older lady and her husband come in asking where the Jello — 10 for $10 in the flyer — is located.)

Me: “The Jello is right over here.”

Lady: “What the h*** are you trying to pull? That is a rip off.”

Me: *totally cut off guard* “Um… Is there an issue with the Jello?”

Lady: “I want the 10-for-$10 Jello!”

(I realized we sold our Jello at a regular price of $0.99 each, so it would come to $9.90, saving her $0.10 more than the flyer. I told her that she would be saving money. She called me stupid and wouldn’t calm down until the manager sold it to her for 10 for $10.)

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