Scored Politeness Points

| Working | January 26, 2017

(While shopping for groceries, I notice an advertisement at the corner of an aisle, saying ‘Buy four Coffee Product, get a free cloth bag!’ Since I like to use cloth bags for my groceries and mine recently tore, I decide to take advantage of the offer. The store also has a promotion going on where you receive ‘loyalty points’ – actually little stickers – for every 5€ spent. Once you have collected 25 points, you can turn them in for one of several rewards. I have just gotten in line when another cashier calls me over. Her till is a bit hidden by a shelf, so I don’t notice her at first.)

Me: “Oh, hey! Sorry for overlooking you. You were quite well hidden there.”

Cashier: “Of course, I was actively hiding after all.” *laughs* “Just kidding.”

Me: *also laughing* “Don’t worry, I’ll be good.”

(She scans my groceries and tells me the final price. I notice there’s no mention of a bag and cautiously inquire:)

Me: “Can I ask a question? I saw an advertisement in the store that one gets a free bag with the purchase of four [Coffee Product]. Is that offer still good?”

Cashier: “Oh, dear, wait a moment.” *she checks under her till, then turns to her neighbouring cashier* “Do you still have any bags left from the [Coffee Product] promotion?”

Other Cashier: “No, sorry. I ran out, too.”

(They ask the third cashier currently working, but it turns out the whole store has been out of those bags for at least one day. I must have looked crestfallen, since the cashier apologises several times. While I’m really a bit sad about missing out on the bags, and likely wouldn’t have bought that much [Coffee Product] otherwise, I see no use in complaining about something that wasn’t her fault.)

Me: “Ah, don’t worry. it’s okay! At least I don’t have to buy coffee again until next year.”

Cashier: “I’m still sorry about this. The store manager should really have taken down the sign.”

(She makes a call for the manager, then hands me about twenty loyalty points, the equivalent of a 100€ purchase.)

Cashier: “Here’s a little something to make up for it.”

(I thanked her sincerely and bagged my groceries. With those points I’ll soon be able to get a cake-pan my significant other has been eyeing, right in time for Christmas!)

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