You Score An ‘F’ At Being A Human Being

, , , | Friendly Learning | June 5, 2017

(I am half Japanese and half Irish, but don’t look very Japanese; in fact, most people don’t think I’m Asian. I’m talking with a group of friends during lunch period.)

Friend #1: “The other day [Asian Classmate] was super upset ’cause she got an A-. I felt kinda bad for her, but like, that’s a lot of pressure on her, for her to get upset at an A-.”

Friend #2: “Ha, f****** Asians. They’re such f****** try-hards, right? They’re everywhere, too. Like, omigod, another f****** Ching Chong!”

(Friend #2 proceeds to stretch out their eyes to look “Asian” and smiles like a madman, nodding like we’d all agree with them.)

Me: “You’re kidding.”

Friend #3: “I really hope you’re kidding.”

Friend #2: “No, Asians are the f****** worst.”

Me: “I’m Asian.”

Other Friends: *at the same time as me* “[My Name] is Asian.”

Friend #2: “Ew! Get away from me, demon slit eye!”

Me: “No, you get away from me. Find someone who thinks like you so when you bump heads, your thick skulls crack. None of us want to be associated with someone who can go from being a friend to hating someone just because of their race.”

(Friend #2 did end up leaving after that, sticking their tongue out and making “Asian” eyes. I hardly ever talk to them anymore, and I definitely don’t consider them a friend.)

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