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Scoot On Back Over

| Right | March 16, 2017

(I am working on the service desk when an elderly woman approaches me.)

Customer: “Excuse me, dear. Could I please use one of these scooters?”

Me: “Do you have a blue badge certificate?”

Customer: “Oh, no. I’m not disabled. I’m just old. I’m having difficulty moving around today.”

(I look her over and she indeed does seem tired.)

Me: “I understand. Normally they’re only meant for people who can provide a blue disability badge, but I’ll just call the manager and see if he’s happy to let you use one.”

(I call and he allows it. I unchain one of the scooters and move it up to her. She’s extremely grateful as I show her how to use it and after a couple of minutes she’s off to start her shopping. About an hour later I see her again, leaving the store and still riding it. I assume she’s going to her car or something so think nothing of it until…)

Manager: *running past and outside* “[My Name], call the police. We’ve got a robbery.”

(I call the police and head outside myself to see what’s happened. The woman is being escorted from the bottom of the retail park by my manager and two colleagues. The police arrive before they make it back.)

Manager: “She claims she was going home with it.”

Customer: “But, but, I thought I was allowed. I thought that was what they were for!”

(The police tried to question her and it was apparent that she was completely confused by the entire situation. She broke down crying and you couldn’t help but feel sympathetic. It was decided to just leave everything as it was and the officers offered to take her home instead. No one here has seen her since then, but we hope she’s okay.)

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