Scoops Of Kindness Are Priceless

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(I work at a bookstore chain that owns a calendar company. From October through January we all dutifully take shifts at the kiosk in the mall. It is boring, but hey, we get to read the calendars! I’m working and it’s been pretty slow. The customers we have had have all been either rushed or rude so it’s been a hard day. Towards the middle of my shift a lady and her daughter come up bearing ice cream cones. They’re about the 20th group I’ve seen with ice cream.)

Me: “Hi, welcome! Can I help you find anything?”

Mom: “I think we’re just going to look! Thanks, though!”

Me: “Everyone seems to have ice cream today. What’s going on?”

Daughter: “Oh, [Company] downstairs is having a ‘$1 a scoop’ sale!”

Me: “Aw, man, sweet! Too bad I work till closing; I love their mint chip.”

(We talk a bit more as they look around and they leave. It was nice to have such friendly customers. About 20 minutes later I see them heading back towards my kiosk… an extra, green ice cream scoop in hand.)

Daughter: “Here, since you have to work!”

(I just stand there speechless.)

Mom: “Oh, go on, take it! I remember what retail is like during the holidays!”

(She hands me the ice cream cone and they both walk away with a very happy “Merry Christmas!” To this day it still brings tears to my eyes to think of them! Thanks for making my week, whoever you were!)

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