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Schools Of Fish

| Learning | May 6, 2015

(A friend of mine is a senior, and applying to graduate schools. His top choice school recently paid to fly him the 1200 miles to interview with them. It should be noted that said friend has done all of his undergraduate research on fish, not by choice, but because due to circumstances he couldn’t do anything else. His field of choice is immunology.)

Friend: “One of the professors kept telling me how great it was that I’d worked with fish. He said I could work with fish more there, if I wanted to. I was thinking, ‘No, no, no more fish,’ but basically at that point I was just agreeing with everything they said.”

Me: *imitating him* “So like, ‘yes, sir, indeed, sir, I’ll work with fish, sir’?”

Friend: “I’ll do immunology with fish, sir! I don’t think fish even have immune systems! But it doesn’t matter. Just accept me, please!”

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