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When The Schools Are Expected To Parent

, , , , | Learning | December 4, 2017

(I work in the reception of a school. We are just about to leave when the phone rings. Instead of letting it ring out, I decide to answer it. Note: At the beginning of the call, there is an automated message saying all calls are recorded.)

Me: “[School], how may I help you?”

Mother: “My daughter has told me she was in a fight with another boy at school, and that no one there did anything to stop it.”

Me: “I see. If you could give me the name of your daughter, and the time it occurred?”

Mother: “[Daughter], and literally just now!”

Me: “Now?” *looking at the clock which says 17:15* “And this happened at school?”

Mother: “No, right outside my house. I watched it from the window.”

Me: “Well, I’m not quite sure what you want me to do.”

Mother: “I want you to punish the boy!”

Me: “With all due respect, Miss [Mother], your daughter had this altercation outside of school hours, and outside school property. We have no control over the children at this time, and have no authority to reprimand them.”

Mother: “That’s ridiculous! I’m writing a letter to the school board!” *hangs up*

(Several weeks later, we heard about the letter, and it differed greatly from her account on the phone. The recording was sent to the board, and yesterday I was asked to remove her daughter from the roster. I don’t know if she was excluded or her mother decided to pull her out of school, but I hope she has a better time wherever she ends up.)

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