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Schooling The Kids On How Buses Work

, , , , | Related | May 25, 2020

I’m a school bus driver in the mornings, so I have to get to work early, around 5:30 — too early for public transportation where I live, and walking or biking the ten miles to the bus barn on state highways with no shoulder isn’t happening, either. I drive to work. 

When I’m at work, my husband usually walks our kids the half-mile to school — bus service is only provided for a mile or more for physically able students, and I drive for a different district so they can’t tag along with me — but will drive them if it’s really rainy or they’re running late. But when one of our cars is out of commission, that’s no longer an option until it’s fixed. My eight-year-old complains.

Eight-Year-Old: “Is it going to rain again tomorrow?”

Me: “It’s supposed to, so probably.”

Eight-Year-Old: “We have to walk in the rain again?”

Me: “Yes, so wear a coat and bring your umbrella. But I’ll pick you up after school in the car.”

Eight-Year-Old: “I want to drive to school, too. Why can’t you take the bus to work like Dad?”

Me: “Because I drive the bus.”

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