Schooling Them On How To Deal With School Workers

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(I work at a popular sushi restaurant as a cashier and hostess, and I am also responsible for takeout orders. We are so busy, we quite literally have no open seats this night. I am between takeout orders, trying to solve a glitch in the system, when the owner comes up and asks me to not stand around and to instead fill up people’s waters. The owner just recently bought the place and does not yet know how to do anything, especially not my job — this is important — and is also incredibly socially inept, to the point that the staff and regulars know to avoid him. I tell him that I am not allowed to serve, by the terms of my work permit, due to my age.)

Owner: “It’s only alcohol you cannot serve.”

Me: “Sorry. The school, who issued my permit, told me I was not allowed to serve people at all. I don’t really want any legal problems. I’m not 16, yet.”

Owner: *glaring* “Let’s have a chat outside.”

(I follow him out and away from the entrance.)

Owner: “I need you to tone down the attitude.”

Me: *genuinely confused* “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to come across as sassy—”

Owner: “You are.”

Me: “Can you give me an example, so I know what to improve on? I’m not sure what you are referring to.”

Owner: “You’re just a 15-year-old little girl; you shouldn’t even be here. I wouldn’t have hired you if I knew you were 15.”

Me: “Here’s my work permit, if you want to see it.”

Owner: “It’s busy right now; I don’t have time for that! I just need you to tone down the attitude. And don’t go crying to the manager every time you don’t want to do something. Go fill people’s water.”

(He is referring to the time he asked me to clean the fingerprints off our glass doors. I went to the manager — currently out of town — to ask what I was supposed to use, and she told me it was actually my coworker’s job, done at the end of the night, and that I shouldn’t worry about it.)

Me: “I was told by my school, when they gave me the permit, that I cannot do that.”

Owner: *visibly angry* “Who do you work for, me or your school?! Don’t talk back to me; do you understand?!”

Me: *walking away* “Yes. I won’t, because I quit. I don’t need this.”

(Since I’m 15, I can’t drive, so I grab my stuff and wait outside for my ride. My shift would have ended 30 minutes after this conversation.)

Owner: *visibly panicking* “Come inside and finish your shift. Act like an adult!”

Me: “I mean, you just called me a little girl, so why would I? I. Quit. You want to call me sassy? I can be sassy; nothing’s stopping me, now.”

Owner: “You really want to start this now?”

Me: “Yes.”

Owner: “Don’t cause a scene for the customers; it’s bad for business.”

(The owner went back inside, but came back three more times to offer me my job back, because the restaurant was absolutely packed, he had no idea how to run it, and no one else could spare the time to do the jobs I left behind. I felt bad for leaving my coworkers hanging on such a busy night, but they usually just avoided him and did their own jobs, anyway, so hopefully I only screwed him over.)

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