Schooled Him On Scamming A School

| Working | July 16, 2017

(I am answering the phone at the college I work at.)

Me: “Hello, this is [College]. How can I direct your call?”

Scammer: *in a very thick Indian accent* “Yes, this is Peter, and I am calling from Microsoft, and we have detected a hacker has gotten into your computer and is trying to steal all of your information. Is your computer on right now?”

Me: *knowing this is a scam* “Yes, it is.”

Scammer: “Okay, I am going to get into your computer to remove the hacker.”

Me: “Which computer?”

Scammer: “The hacker is in your computer, ma’am.”

Me: “You know you called a college, right? There are literally hundreds of computers you could be referring to right now.”

Scammer: “Oh, I called a college? You know what? I think I have the wrong…” *click*

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