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Scheduling A Scheduling Appointment

| Learning | April 25, 2014

(I’m meeting with my guidance counselor, who is helping me fill out college applications. It’s her first year on the job and she is unfamiliar with the forms. She calls the college I’m applying to for help then hands me the phone.)

Me: “Hi, I’m having trouble filling out the applications.”

Secretary: “Sure. What can I help you with?”

Me: “I’m having a hard time filling out a schedule. The instructions aren’t very clear.”

Secretary: “For scheduling help you’ll need to talk to a registrar.”

Me: “Okay, could I set up an appointment?”

Secretary: “You can only set up a scheduling appointment if you’ve complete your schedule.”

Me: “… Okay, but that’s what I need help with. My guidance counselor has been helping me, but the instructions are really vague. I’m not sure which classes I’m required to take.”

Secretary: “Well, you need to have your schedule filled out. I can’t help with that, the registrars deal with that.”

Me: “I understand. Can I meet with a registrar?”

Secretary: “Is your schedule complete?”

Me: “No, I need help with that.”

Secretary: “You need to have your schedule filled out before you can meet with a registrar.”

Me: “So, before I can meet with a registrar who can help fill out my schedule, I need to fill out my schedule first, so I can get a registrar to help me fill out my schedule?”

Secretary: “Yes.”

Me: “…”

Secretary: *click*

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