Scenarios Worth Acting Out

, , | Right | March 29, 2018

(I work at a theatre next to a public parking lot that we all use. The lot has a machine to pay for parking before you leave your car. It has fairly straightforward instructions, but for some reason people still have a lot of trouble with it.)

Actor #1: “I think [Crew Member] will be a little late. He was stuck behind a really slow lady at the parking machine.”

Crew Member: *coming in* “Sorry, this lady kept complaining the machine didn’t work, so they had to get the ramp manager to come out. It turned out she was wearing tinted sunglasses and couldn’t see the letters on the screen.”

(A few days later:)

Stage Manager: “Has anyone seen [Actor #2]?”

Actor #2: *coming in* “Sorry, I got stuck at the parking machine. This little old man in front of me put his credit card in the cash slot.”

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