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Scary Things Come In Small Packages

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(In first grade, we are partnered with fifth graders. The library’s books are divided by grades, but it’s generally a guideline. Most of the entire class of 20+ races to the first grade shelves, so it’s too crowded.)

Partner: “Okay, just wait, then.”

(I go to the other side of the room, to the fifth grade shelves.)

Partner: “Looking around?”

(I grab a book and push it into my partner’s hands.)

Me: “Can you read this one?”

Partner: “I can, but I have to read to you, and you have to read it, too.”

Me: “Yeah, this one.”

Partner: “This book is too hard.”

(I open the book and start reading, and read two pages out loud. It’s worth noting that I’m the smallest in my class, and he is pretty big. He stares at me.)

Partner: “Ahh! Scary!”

(My partner runs off to find his teacher.)

Partner: “Scary! How can she read this? She’s so tiny! I can’t be with her! She’s so scary!”

(The teacher switched our partners because he was so scared of me and avoided me every time. My new partner was very nice, and we stayed partners for many weeks, reading that one chapter book. Usually, partners were switched every week, but the teachers made an exception.)

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