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Scared Spitless

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(While working the photo lab area on Halloween, I decide to wear a homemade mask I made four years ago. The mask is of the scary face, bulging bloodshot eyes, and very long nose of a character from a popular RPG series. While a fun mask to wear — customers get a kick out of it — how I made it has the unfortunate side effect of limiting my vision and making it a little hard to breathe. Occasionally I take it off and leave it on the counter. On one such occasion, while I’m helping one customer, another decides to put it on and take a selfie, thinking it might be a cool, store-bought mask. While I probably wouldn’t have minded if they had asked, I decide to have little fun at her expense.)

Me: “Do you realize how much saliva I put into that thing?”

Customer: “EW!” *throws mask across the counter*

(And that, my friends, is why you don’t try every mask you see.)

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