Scared Of Flies, In Love With Fireflies

| Related | August 7, 2013

(My fiancée and I are trying to get ready for bed, when our three-year-old son declares that he suddenly wants a bath. Since he needs one anyway, we don’t argue. When our son gets to the bathroom, there’s a fly, and he suddenly declares himself “scared.” Having had enough, my fiancée storms out of the bathroom, and into the kitchen where we keep the flyswatter.)

Fiancée: “That’s it! Where’s the Gorram flyswatter?!”

Me: “Did you really just say, ‘Gorram’?”

Fiancée: “It’s less offensive if he decides to repeat it!”

(It should be noted that this is a fair point, as I’ve already taught him to answer the question, “What does a Browncoat say?” with the reply of “Shiny”.)

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