Scamming Is Their Business

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Patron: “This is on business. Can you book it to our tab, please?”

Me: “Of course. What business are you with?”

Patron: *totally ignores me*

Me: *to their waiter after they have been seated* “Can you get the name of the company they are with? They totally blanked me before.”

(The waiter winks and I see him try for the rest of the evening to get it out of them. I lose interest until I notice them leaving.)

Me: “So, did you get it?”

Waiter: “Yes, it’s [Company].”

(I look it up and stare at the waiter, unimpressed.)

Waiter: “What’s wrong?”

Me: “They don’t have a tab or contract with us. They just got a free meal…”

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  • Summercat

    While OP is looking very unimpressed with the waiter…

    I’m looking very unimpressed with OP.

    • Abigail Hermione Irwin

      I don’t know how much authority the OP has, so I’m willing to cut them some slack. It is absolutely mandatory for the business has a whole to get its tab procedures in order … how is it that nobody thought to check this out before the order was given to the kitchen?

      • mrs perkin

        The OP said yes to adding the meal to a tab. Without knowing what tab to add it to or if it was even possible.

        • A Stead

          “Yes we can, we just need to confirm which company you are here with first”.

          The fact they blanked both people is a HUGE red flag.

  • NessaTameamea

    And you didn’t throw them out or gave them a receipt why exactly?
    If you say you’re unimpressed am I right to assume that you expected something like this to happen?
    Without further context regarding whether this happens on a regular basis, what your employer thinks about this etc., I’d say this is more of a NAR story.

    • joshua82

      The story is on NAR now.

      • NessaTameamea

        Oh shucks, typo on my side…
        Thanks for pointing out, I meant NAW of course.

        • 白大福

          I think this is NAW too…

  • Cassia212

    Total breakdown in communication here. The waiter definitely should have gone to the OP as soon as he got the company name, before they left. But at the same time OP shouldn’t have let it go until the assholes were leaving.

    • NessaTameamea

      It might have been that they didn’t give the company name until right when they were leaving. It was still stupid of OP to not keep track of it and also of the waiter to not check with anyone whether they had a contract with that particular company.

      • Cassia212

        Exactly, either way at least one of them should have been more on top of things.

  • Holly

    Huh? How do you not check before they walk out?

    • A Stead

      How do you not confirm before taking their food order?

      • heymoe2001

        The OP asked the waiter to get the name of the company. The waiter got the name of the company. The waiter did his due diligence.
        The OP foisted a task onto the waiter and then blames the waiter for not doing it “right.”
        Naw, this ALL on the OP.

        • A Stead

          True, I should have said “How do you not confirm before showing them to a table?”

        • Gnomer Denois

          Apparently OP needed to make the rest of the instructions clear instead of assuming the waiter would understand. “Get the name of the company, (and then give it to me so that I can set it up for the tab.)”

  • joshua82

    It seems that the restaurant needs to improve its company tab procedures, if they didn’t have a way of checking the customer’s company before the customer left the restaurant.

    In fact, the restaurant might need to confirm that the customer is authorized to run a tab on behalf of the company. Just naming the company wouldn’t necessarily be enough to prove that the person works for the company, much less is authorized to run up restaurant bills there.

    • Siirenias

      They probably do, but cut them slack. It was a learning experience.

  • Chet Thomas

    Should have gotten the name before taking the order.

    • Chiitaku

      Agreed. I think the policy should be to start “since you’re looking to put it on your company tab, I need the name to verify before I can take your order”. If they pitch a fit and threaten to leave, obvious scam. A valid request shouldn’t result in a fit.

      • Will Flynn

        ^^This, absolutely. Otherwise, you just look like an idiot, like the OP here.

      • Bonzi77

        Correct. Also, the fact that he avoided answering multiple times should have set off alarm bells.

    • And id would be good…

  • Roq

    This establishment is remarkably easy to scam.

  • Snowy Tundra

    A request for payment from the company would most likely be met with, “Who? Nobody by that name works for us.” or “That person no longer works for the company and was certainly not authorized to charge for a meal.” I would suspect the first because the scammer would not be stupid enough to use their own name. It might have been a disgruntled former employee who would know which names to drop. The scammers probably witnessed people from other companies doing it, so they picked a name of a large enough company that they thought would pay the bill without question. Though I can’t imagine any company that would not have procedures in place for this very reason.

    • Harold George Wagner III

      Not sure the first response would even be said because there’s no evidence any names were taken (aside from the company name)

    • Ophelia

      I doubt it’s a disgruntled employee taking revenge on the company, as otherwise they would’ve mentioned the company immediately. I think this is just someone who lied attempting (and succeeding) at getting a free meal for the whole group.

  • evandarya

    That’s when you call the company and ask who they should send the bill to. The people said bill the company so bill them (also let the company know what their employees are up to.)

    • Rebecca Jones

      I wonder if they actually worked there or gave a random company, though. Given what happened, I don’t have much hope they even asked for proof, let alone received any.

    • Leah

      Chances are the customer doesn’t work for that company at all and just pulled a name out of midair.

  • kaninefat

    OP is an idiot. FIrst for letting this happen, and second for somehow making it the waiter’s fault. I sincerely hope that it was OP that got fired over this mess, and not the waiter

  • Sim

    I don’t know how it got as far as ” tried for the rest of the night to get it out of them”. Blanking once perhaps. But after then, *every* request should have been mirrored with “I’m sorry, I didn’t get the name of your company tab”, I’m not fulfilled until it was provided.

  • Steve Mitchell

    OP is an idiot for letting them not provide the company name the first time. Restaurant owners are idiots for not having stricter procedures. Waiter was either helping the scammers or just an idiot.

  • Stacy

    OP, this is on you and the business owner.

    • Some Reader

      Yeah, I’m afraid I have to agree. OP should have insisted on getting the company name at the beginning.

    • Rebecca Valdez

      What did the business owner do?

      Some random person who may not rven work for them came in and stole food. This is the restaurants problem not the business owners.

      • Jeff

        They (or rather management) are ultimately responsible for setting procedures and training staff.

      • heymoe2001

        They set up a rather lax procedure.

      • Stacy

        I meant the restaurant owner.

  • NAW?

    • nope


  • Ilya

    You just know it came out of the poor waiter’s check even though it was OP’s fault.

  • Kitty

    Lesson learned: never put anything on a company tab, until you have verified things.

  • Cave Johnson

    Don’t serve them until you have the information you need

  • WonderRabbit

    This is NAW. You and your waiter sat them without confirming their tab. You let them leave before finalising it.

    The customer is a thief, but having the slightest bit of common sense on your part would have stopped them.

  • Idolchu

    OP why wouldn’t you get all the information you need, and validate the information before you serve the customer!? If the customer won’t give you the information you need, then the customer is most likely trying to scam you. I suggest you learn from this experience, and never do it again.

  • Katie Manning

    So… I assume that you and the waiter went ahead and split the check between you for both being complete idiots and giving away a free meal.

    • Rebecca Valdez

      No, as that would be illegal. OP might need some retraining though

    • nope

      Not hardly. It wasn’t the waiter’s fault. This was all on OP for being a slacker & not doing their job.

  • deadringer

    “Unless you give me a valid company name and are listed as being able to make purchases on account I can not book it to your tab and you will receive a bill”

  • Vira Vandom

    No “Working” tag? Seriously?

    • Gabby Signs

      Because the scammers were customers

      • RubyTuesday

        But the OP was the idiot who allowed them to be seated, served, and then leave all without ever verifying their information or even caring that it hadn’t been verified.

        • Gabby Signs

          I was under the impression it because was the job of the waiter to verify the information

          • RubyTuesday

            Doubtful, if it was the waiter’s job then OP likely would have told the customers something along the lines of “you’ll have to talk to your waiter to open a company tab” rather than asking for the company name him/herself.
            But even if it was the waiter’s job the point still stands that this should be a NAW story rather than NAR.

          • Gabby Signs

            I see your point. Either way, to me it sounds like OP is a hostess and was just asking to ask

      • Vira Vandom

        But the employees were completely idiotic for not checking their validity.

  • Novelista

    Even something as simple as an inter-company discount should be checked.

    When I worked at Carrabba’s, I took my dad to Outback for Father’s Day, and the server didn’t bring the discounted bill until the manager had called and verified that I worked where I said. (Both restaurants are owned by Bloomin’ Brands–known as OSI when I worked there.)

  • Hachimaro

    As long as we have idiots working in restaurants, we’re gonna have scammers.

  • Chet Thomas

    Just out of curiosity, can someone who works in a restaurant where this type of transaction is common explain how this sort of thing would usually work? I mean, when a legitimate customer comes in and wants to put it on their business’s tab, how would you go about verifying that?

    • Rebecca Valdez

      Where I worked there’s a form. Where OP works apparently you take the name and if it matches feed them.

  • JDP

    I mean you should have just straight up told them that if they didn’t tell you the name of the company, they weren’t getting their meal credited to the company. They suck, but unfortunately y’all dropped the ball.

  • JorTanos

    Patron: “This is on business. Can you book it to our tab, please?”

    Me: “Of course. What business are you with?”

    Patron: *totally ignores me*

    ===This right here is where the story should have ended, or at least taken a drastic turn.===

    Instead of seating them, the OP should have again asked what business they represented. They don’t get a table until that point.

  • Lord Circe

    Simple solution: If someone wants to pay on a tab, they don’t get served until you have the details. You want a glass of water? Alright, then what company is your tab under, and where is your identification showing that you are allowed to charge to the tab?

  • RubyTuesday

    So you let them ignore you and immediately give up without so much as repeating the question, let them be seated and served without verifying their company/payment method, you watch the waiter repeatedly try and fail to get that information for you (which I’m guessing was never supposed to be his job; it was yours) and openly admit that you “lose interest” which means you were either too stupid to see the obvious red flag, or were just too lazy to bother doing anything about it.
    A simple refusal of service until they gave you their company name, and/or calling the manager over to deal with them would have stopped their stupid “scam” right there. It should have gone something like this-

    Patron: “This is on business. Can you book it to our tab, please?”
    Me: “Of course. What business are you with?”
    Patron: *totally ignores me*
    Me: “Excuse me? I need your company’s name to set up your tab; I’m afraid I can’t seat you until that’s done.”

    See? Not that hard.

    • nope

      No, but it was sooo much easier to shove it off on the waiter and then get pissy at the waiter when they got scammed.

  • Arhi Mith

    I am unimpressed with you. The waiter did his best, and it was your job to begin with.

  • Elle Wayne

    “(The waiter winks and I see him try for the rest of the evening to get it out of them. I lose interest until I notice them leaving.)”
    So, you either noticed the waiter doing as you asked or you lost interest and forgot about it til they left. Can’t be both.

    Sounds like you wanted the waiter to get into trouble. Congrats, OP, you’re an idiot.

  • Christine Harris

    Should’ve gotten the car license plate and called the cops

  • Kristen

    Someone is going to be fired (hopefully it is the OP and not the poor waiter).

  • Missy Lamb

    This should be a NAW. It was on you and the waiter to make sure you had that information long before they ever got their food.

  • Bel-Shamharoth

    Hey, what restaurant do you work at? I’m an employee of TotallyNotMadeUp Inc., and I’d like to take myself and a few colleagues there for business reasons.

  • Autumn Darian Sabisch

    No, that’s when you call the police.

  • 😸Moon😸


  • Samantha Phastine

    All the people saying ‘This is the OP’s fault she should’ve…’ : NO.

    If you’d been on this site AT ALL, you should know that no retail or restaurant employee is allowed to enforce policies, at all. If the OP had insisted and refused to seat them until they got a company name, i guarantee this group would have pitched a fit over not being seated, demanded to see a manager, and called corporate to complain over being ‘insulted’ or ‘inconvenienced’. And I’ll bet you anything that the manager would’ve caved.

    Don’t blame the OP — blame our ‘Customer is always right’ CULTURE, which makes it impossible for the OP to do ANYTHING that might’ve prevented this.

  • Dani Marie

    Next time they ‘blank’ a waiter/host (whomever), I’d suggest getting the manager to come out and speak to them to verify what company they work for, then look them up in the system BEFORE even putting the order in to the kitchen.
    Then you can verify that they do NOT have a tab, and MUST pay for any meal they order. See how big of a fit they pitch about it before deciding to serve them at all, or kick them out!