Scamming Is Their Business

, , , | Right | June 4, 2017

Patron: “This is on business. Can you book it to our tab, please?”

Me: “Of course. What business are you with?”

Patron: *totally ignores me*

Me: *to their waiter after they have been seated* “Can you get the name of the company they are with? They totally blanked me before.”

(The waiter winks and I see him try for the rest of the evening to get it out of them. I lose interest until I notice them leaving.)

Me: “So, did you get it?”

Waiter: “Yes, it’s [Company].”

(I look it up and stare at the waiter, unimpressed.)

Waiter: “What’s wrong?”

Me: “They don’t have a tab or contract with us. They just got a free meal…”

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