Scamming Is A Social Business

, , | Legal | April 25, 2019

(The landline in my home is never called, except by telemarketers because, in the time of cellphones, I never gave the number to anyone and it’s not even in the telephone books. So, when it starts ringing, I know I’m in for a good time. To the telemarketers, I’m mostly polite and tell them quickly that I’m not interested. The following caller uses an uncommon scam I have heard of. To break it down, they say they are from a charitable organisation and want to sell you stuff, which later is horribly overpriced and mostly cheap crap, if it ever arrives.)

Me: “Hello?”

Scammer: “Ah, hello! My name is [Common German Surname]. I’m calling from the charitable disabled workshop in [Big German City]. We are producing baskets, brooms, and brushes in collaboration with disabled people. This su

(I try to end it politely like with normal telemarketers.)

Me: “Sorry, but I’m not interested.”

Scammer: *derogatory tone* “So, you are not interested in disabled people?”

(Now I know he is a scammer for sure, because he is trying to make me feel guilty.)

Me: “No, sorry. I mean that I’m not interested in buying anything.”

Scammer: *insulting tone* “Oh, now I understand. You are one of those antisocial people! You don’t care for other people, let alone disabled people!”

Me: *fed up* “Yes, yes… If you think so…”

Scammer: *now screaming* “Oh, wonderful! You antisocial piece of s***! People like you…”

Me: *click*

(I later searched the Internet for the name of the organisation. Oh, wonder, they don’t exist.)

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