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Scammers Ruin Everything For Everyone

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We have friends who own a bar/restaurant in a small town. They have a full-time manager so they themselves only work part-time. We haven’t seen them for several years, so we arrange a visit; we stay at their home and have a nice weekend catching up. On Monday, [Friend #1] has to go speak to suppliers, and [Friend #2] needs to go into the restaurant for a few hours. We want to sightsee, so [Friend #2] drops us in town and tells us to head to the restaurant when we get hungry and she’ll treat us to lunch.  

After a couple of hours, we go in. [Friend #2] is nowhere to be seen, but we give our name to the greeter and she tells us that [Friend #2] had to go out, but we’re to eat and then have a couple of drinks while we wait for her. We have a lovely lunch, we tip our waitress, and then we go sit at the bar to free up the table. The bartender also greets us and says he’ll run a tab and [Friend #2] will take care of it. After lunch, the morning wait staff leave and the afternoon/evening staff arrive. Note: the bar is fairly near the door.

About an hour later, my husband decides to head out to take some photographs and the bartender has gone somewhere. I’m approached by a waitress.

Waitress: “Hi, the bar and restaurant run separate checks. I noticed you two haven’t settled your food check. I can take care of that now for you?”

Me: “It’s okay; we’re friends of the owners. They’re taking care of it.”

Waitress: “I’ve never seen you before. Where did your friend go? You need to pay your check.”

Me: “No, really, I know it sounds cliche but we really are [Friend #2]’s guests.”

Waitress: “Yeah, right. And you’re sitting by the door. I bet you’re running a bar tab, as well. Are you going to pay now or shall I call the police?”

Me: “Honestly, my husband will be back soon. We really do know [Friend #1] and [Friend #2]. We’re staying with them.”

At this point, the bartender comes back.

Waitress: “Don’t let her leave! She’s trying the ‘know the owners’ scam!”

Bartender: “[Waitress], she does know the owners. I’m running a tab for them.”

Waitress: “Yeah, I bet she told you that, as well. He’s already run out. She’s going to scam us. I’ll keep her here while you call the cops.”

Me: *Getting upset* “I’m not leaving! I’m waiting for [Friend #2] to come back!”

Bartender: “[Waitress], [Friend #2] told me personally to take care of them; they really are her guests. Give me their check and I’ll make sure [Friend #2] gets it sorted.”

Waitress: “No! I don’t know what’s going on, but this is one big scam! I’m calling the cops!”

Bartender: “No, wait!”

She ran into the back just as my husband walked in. I was in floods of tears, the bartender was running after the waitress, and my husband was just comforting me and trying to figure out what had happened when [Friend #2] walked back in. It was chaos.

Apparently, the waitress was new. She got a strong talking-to about listening to people who had worked there longer.

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