Those Scammers Need To Run For The Happy Hills

, , , | Working | September 7, 2017

(My parents are, unfortunately, the ripe age for being picked on by scammers. Some of these scammers can be obvious. Others… not so much. This one was sent via email to my mom one summer’s eve. Please note that I can’t remember the exact lettering of the first email, as it is very official looking and contains a lot of legal jargon. Therefore, I’m shortening this submission, to keep it short and simple.)

Email: “Dear [Name], We have received information regarding a lawsuit against you. If you do not comply to relinquish [amount] by Friday, we will be forced to alert the proper authority! Sincerely, [Official-Sounding Legal Office].”

(This sounds a little fishy. I know where my family is financially and we aren’t exactly lawbreakers. We decide to respond, regardless.)

Me: “What are the charges, may I ask?”

Email: “Give [amount] to our company and we won’t call the cops.”

(Okay… maybe a different approach was needed to get some information?)

Me: “Listen. You say you have information. We are legally obligated to ask what charges you have. Also, we’d like proof that we are the people that you’re after.”

Email: *provides specific information about my parents, but still refuses to list the charges*

Me: “Okay, could you please send us a legal document regarding the matter, a police report or some sort of report regarding how much we owe?”

Email: *sends document*

(This… document… makes me fall out of my chair from laughing. It is very official looking; my mom and I are actually a little shaken… until we see the name of the location and the seal on the document. It reads, plain and simple, “Law Offices of Happy Hills County.” No state, no city, no name of clientele. The seal? A crappy attempt at [Popular Coffee Shop]’s logo, done in black and white, and made to look like a stamp.)

Me: *shaking while typing* “Really? ‘Happy Hills?’ Mind if I ask where that is, who your client is, and most importantly, what the charges are?!”

Email: “Just give us the money, or we’re calling the cops.”

(This was the only email I recall completely. They’d dropped the whole legal act, and now just sent a threat. My mom called the police on the matter and was told not to worry about it. It turns out that that particular scam had been called in a lot. On top of that, after their “threatening” email, the scammers never did message us again, nor did the cops show up at our door regarding the matter.)

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