Scammers Bring Out The Inner Psychopath In All Of Us

, , , | Legal | January 13, 2019

(I’ve been getting a lot of scam calls recently and I’m sick of them. The next time one calls I decide to have a little fun with them.)

Scammer: “Good morning, [My Name]. I’m calling from [UK ISP that scammers always claim to be calling from]. We have detected errors on your broadband line…”

Me: “Well, okay, but who did you say you were looking for?”

Scammer: “I’m looking for [My Name]. I’m calling from [UK ISP].”

Me: “Ah, sorry, mate. [My Name] doesn’t actually live here anymore!”

Scammer: “I see. Do you have a number for him?”

Me: “Well, it’s going to be tough to contact him; he’s in prison.”

Scammer: “I don’t understand…”

Me: “Yeah, he’s in prison. Last time someone called him pretending to work for [UK ISP], he hunted them down and stabbed them to death!”

Scammer: “F*** you!” *click*

(I haven’t had any more calls for a while now!)

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