Says A Lot About McCarthy Too

| Learning | December 24, 2015

(We are reading The Crucible (a play about the Salem Witch Trials) in English class. At this point, we’re discussing two important factors of a scene: the relationship between a married couple, as one cheated on the other, and the significance of the wife finding a lingering rabbit in her home. Some kids made some crazy theories about the rabbit.)

Kid #1: “Wait, [Husband] asked if the rabbit came from ‘Jonathan’s’ trap, right?”

Kid #2: “Well what if [Wife] was actually embracing Jonathan’s trap? Because apparently everyone in the play is a whore.”

Teacher:*laughing* “You’re putting too much emphasis on the trap. Jonathan is the couple’s son. He doesn’t have a speaking part.”

Kid #1: “Well, what if it’s true?”

Kid #3: “What if the house [Wife] was in was ‘Jonathan’s trap’? Her husband’s name is John!”

Kid #2: “‘The great times between [Wife] and Jonathan Trap’! That must be it!”

Kid #1: “And [Husband]’s schizophrenic and variates between his normal personality and Jonathan Trap! He already has mood changes!”

Kid #3: “That’s it. We broke the book. We can all get 100s on our reading tests.”

Teacher: “…I forgot what I was gonna ask next. If your goal was to deviate me from it, y’all succeeded…. Let’s just continue reading the play.”

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