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On the day of this incident, we have an offer on the front page of our website that says “Two-Day Sale Up To 50% Off” followed by a “See Details” link to click to see which items are on sale, and the prices.

Me: “Thank you for calling [Company]. This is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Caller: “This is [Caller’s First Name]. I have an account with you, and I want to order the same things I did the last time.”

I am able to convince the caller to give me enough information to find his account, and then I retrieve the most recent order.

Me: “I show that your last order was for [list of items and quantities]. Are those the correct items to reorder for you?”

Caller: “Just order the same things as last time.”

Me: “Will it be for the same quantities of each item?”

Caller: “How many did I order the last time?”

I run through the quantities.

Caller: “How much is the total?”

Me: “If you order the same quantity, your total will be [total].”

Caller: “Why does it cost so much? Everything is supposed to be 50% off! I’m looking at your website and it says 50% off!”

Me: “I apologize for any confusion. If you look at the offer, it says, ‘up to 50% off,’ and then there is a link that says, ‘See Details.’ When you click the link, it will show you the products that are on sale, and the sale price for each product. None of the items you ordered last time are included in the sale, but if you click that link now, we can look at the sale items together and see if there is something similar that is included.”

Caller: “No, I need the same things I ordered last time. And they are supposed to be 50% off. It says so on your website!”

Me: “I apologize; the items you ordered the last time are not included in the sale. Only the products listed on the page when you click ‘See Details’ are included in the sale. I can place an order for the same products at regular price, or I can see if there is a similar product that is on sale. Which would you like me to do?”

Caller: “No, I need you to give me the same items I ordered last time at 50% off. If you can’t do that, I guess I need to talk to a manager.”

I put his order on hold and transferred him to a supervisor. I checked his order later and it had been cancelled by the supervisor, and a note was put on his account indicating that the customer was informed that only the items on the sale page were included in the sale and that we were not able to give him 50% off on the products that were not included.

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