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Saying Bi To Normalcy

| Related | September 21, 2012

(I live in a town that is very liberal, and as a result, my parents tend to be very welcoming and accepting towards everyone, almost to a fault. My little brother recently came out to me as bisexual and is working up the courage to tell our parents. I’m sitting in the kitchen with my mom when he comes in.)

Brother: “Mom, I have something I want to tell you. I’m bi.”

Mom: “Okay, cool.”

(He walks out, satisfied. Mom turns to me.)

Mom: “Did I handle that right? Do you think I should get him a pastry?”

Me: “…A what?”

Mom: “A pastry. To celebrate? Like a cake?”

Me: *Pause* “No.”

(That night at dinner, while my brother is out of the room:)

Mom: “Oh, [Brother] shared some news with me.”

Dad: *without looking up* “So, he’s gay, right?”

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