Say Sayonara To Sense, Part 2

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I work as a Teppanyaki Hibachi chef at a Japanese restaurant, so I have to go in front of the customers to cook. I am the only Indian working there.

Customer: “Are you Japanese?”

Me: “No, I am from India.”

Customer: “So how can you cook Japanese food?”

Me: “I have been training for a long time and am as good as any chef working here.”

For some reason, this causes them to get really upset.

Customer: “We are only going to eat from a Japanese chef!”

The manager comes over.

Manager: “What seems to be the problem?”

Customer: “The chef is not Japanese, so he can’t cook for us.”

Manager: “You are not Japanese, either, so please get out of my Japanese restaurant.”

Customer: “We will give a bad review online!”

Manager: “I will call the police if you do not get out of here right now!”

They got up and left angrily. No online review was posted.

Say Sayonara To Sense

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