Say Bi-Bye

| Romantic | April 29, 2013

(My boyfriend and I have been going out for about a year. I have been openly bisexual the whole time I have been with him. I am looking at a picture of my friend on Facebook.)

Me: “Oh, wow, her new hairstyle makes her look so cute!”

Boyfriend: “Cute? Why the h*** are you checking out girls!? You’re with me!”

Me: “Well, yeah, but I am not really checking her out. She’s my friend.”

Boyfriend: “Then why did you say she’s cute? Are you gay or something?”

Me: “Well, I think she’s cute! And we’ve been over this before; I’m bisexual.”

Boyfriend: “There’s no f****** thing as bisexual!”

Me: “Um… yes there is.”

Boyfriend: “No! There’s only gay or straight! If you’re gay, get the f*** away from me and go date some d***! If you’re straight, marry me!”

(I dumped him about a month later, after he had told me to remove all non-family members from my phone and Facebook.)

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