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Saw An Opening But Didn’t Take It

, , , , | Working | December 6, 2017

(I need a special size button battery for my car’s remote. There’s a small electronics store in a shopping center near a grocery store. I head there in the morning after a night shift and see that they aren’t open yet, so I pick up a few groceries. I finish up shortly before the opening time, so I’m waiting outside with a few other people for the doors to be unlocked. About five minutes after the opening time, the door remains locked. I look in the windows and see two employees being talked to by what looks like a manager. The manager sees me and I wave a little, smiling. He comes over to unlock the door and comes outside.)

Manager: *addressing the small group of people* “What do you all of you need so much that you’re here at nine in the morning?”

Me: “You mean, the time your door says you open?”

(The manager rolls his eyes.)

Me: “I guess you’re right; I don’t need it that badly. I can go elsewhere.”

(The store has since closed.)

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