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Saving Us From Ourselves

| Working | February 7, 2013

(I’m interviewing for a front desk position with an office. This is shortly after the economic crash of 2008.)

Interviewer: “You have some experience, that’s fine. I see here that you haven’t been working for a month. Tell me, how did you support yourself?”

Me: “With my savings.”

Interviewer: “Savings?”

Me:  “Yes.”

(The interviewer remains speechless, so I decide to elaborate.)

Me: “Savings. You know… the money I’ve saved up?”

Interviewer: “…I see. Now, uh… from where did you get these, uh ‘savings’?”

Me: “…From my previous jobs?”

Interviewer: “But from WHERE did you get these ‘savings?'”

Me: “From working. Why is that strange?”

Interviewer: “Yes, it is strange!”

(He kept asking me over and over where did I get my savings. Finally he told me to fill out an application and left. I left.)

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