Saving Her And Saving Them A Ticket

, , | Hopeless | February 4, 2017

(I’m working my very first job at 16 years old. I work in a small, privately owned movie theater. This theater only has three screens, so even when it’s busy, it’s not really packed. This takes place about half an hour before the first screening of the day, around noon-ish. I am working concessions and the only other people in the lobby are a young girl around my age and an older, slightly creepy man. They seem to be having a conversation, but the girl looks uncomfortable. I decide to intervene.)

Me: *approached the girl* “I’m sorry, miss, but can I see your ticket?”

(The girl looks confused, but hands me her ticket.)

Me: “I’m sorry, miss, but there’s a problem with your ticket. Could you come with me?”

(I lead the girl outside.)

Me: “Do you know that man?”

Girl: *obviously relieved* “No! He just started talking to me; I’m supposed to meet my friends here!”

Me: “All right, stay out here until your friends arrive. If there’s any more trouble, just come get me and I’ll take care of it.”

(At this point the girl was so relieved she was near tears. I kept an eye on her through the window to make sure she was safe until her friends came.)

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