Saved Them From A Bloodbath

| Learning | November 29, 2013

(At my middle school we take overnight field trips to do nature experiments for our science class. Since our class is small, they only open the girls cabins for us instead of opening the whole camp. I am a male and since I went to a Christian middle school some of my classmates are rather sheltered. We are all getting settled in for the night and hear yelling from the bathroom.)

Student #1: “WHAT THE H*** IS THAT?!”

Student #2: “What are you screaming about?”

Student #1: “There is this thing in here and it has a fuse on it! I think it may be a bomb!”

Student #2: “I doubt that. Bring it out here.”

(The student then walks out of the bathroom very tentatively holding a tampon at arms length.)

Student #1: “You… you think it’s dangerous?”

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