Saved By A Secret Santa

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My husband was hospitalized just before Christmas and ultimately had surgery that showed he has advanced cancer. After the doctor broke the news, I returned to his room to wait for my husband to return from recovery. There, I found a gift bag addressed to me from my husband. Inside was a snowman figurine. Not just any snowman, but one that matched the one he’d given me the year before. I’d looked at this snowman twice in the hospital gift shop. I was astounded how he’d managed to do this, especially considering he didn’t even have any money on him!

After he’d recovered enough to have a conversation, I asked him about it. He was as surprised as I was. He said someone in the operating room had asked if he had his Christmas shopping done and he said no; he still needed a stocking-stuffer for me. He told them I like snowmen. And somehow, some kind soul who knew we were about to have a bad Christmas managed to pick out the exact perfect gift as a surprise to us. We’ll always remember this amazing display of Christmas spirit.

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