Saved One Of His Nine Lives

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A lovely cat who found me at work came right into my busy, noisy warehouse looking for me — big trucks and vans constantly in and out, three forklifts, 15 men (and me) with noisy, loaded pallet trucks moving around in every direction! He had no fear, and just wanted the hugs and cuddles I had on offer.

He also had a huge, nasty abscess on his face. So, I came in one day prepared to crate him up and take him to the vet ASAP. He had to spend six unhappy hours in the carrier until I got off work and drove to the doctor’s office — but he was good.

It took a week of healing before they felt he was strong enough to be neutered, but that was done, too.

I couldn’t bring him home.

Last Saturday — the only time I could go see him, as office hours and my work hours do not align during the week — we took a score of videos. I picked the best one, made it public, and tried to find him a home as an indoor cat only, away from cars and danger, as he had no fear of anything.

For two weeks he was in kitty jail — on my dime — and I was losing hope, but yesterday a friend took her two kids to see him. And today? They took him home!

I am a cat person and I think this guy knew right away that I was his hope for a warm, safe, happy life, one way or another. I am so happy that he was saved as he has so much love to give! Never give up hope, and remember always that the Internet is a wonderful tool that can help save lives.

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