Saved On Your Car Insurance AND Got Some Muffins!

, , , | Working | January 15, 2019

(I have just finished a closing shift at ten and my mom comes to pick me up. A coffee shop nearby doesn’t close until 10:30, so we pull through to get drinks. I am starving since I haven’t had dinner yet. I know they may not have any food since it is so late at night, but I ask anyway. The following takes place over the intercom.)

Mom: “Hey, I know it’s late, but do you guys have any muffins or anything still for sale?”

Cashier: “Well, I have some good news for you.”

Mom & Me: *excited* “Really?”

Cashier: “Yeah. I just saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.”

(My mom and I laugh out loud.)

Cashier: “But in all seriousness, we do have some muffins left.”

Mom: “Thanks so much for making our night.”

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