Saved Her From A Hairy Situation

| Friendly | February 4, 2016

(I work at a small B.C. grocery store. I have thick, curly red hair, and for most of my time at this company I’ve had my hair long. It’s very popular with our customers, and I frequently get compliments on it. I’ve just gotten my hair cut drastically short, and am surprised and how much everybody likes it. I’m ringing up an off-shift coworker when an annoying regular joins us.)

Regular: *interrupting our conversation* “[My Name]! You cut off all of your beautiful red hair!”

Me: “Yeah, it was time for a change.”

Regular: “But you had such beautiful hair!”

Coworker: “And she still does.”

Me: “Thank you, [Coworker]!”

(The regular didn’t know what to say and left. I went on a break.)

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