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Saved By The Boss

, , , , | Right | November 24, 2009

Me: “Thank you for calling tech support. What can I–”

Caller: “F*** YOU, B****! YOU G**D*** WOMEN HAVE NO F***ING RIGHT TO BELITTLE ME! B****!”

Me: “Um, sir, I think you have the wrong–”

Caller: “I SAID F*** YOU!”

Me: “Sir, this is tech support.”

Caller: “What?! Um… I mean… um…” *click*

(A few moments later, the phone rings again and I answer.)

Me: “Hello, tech support. What may I–”

Same Caller: “F*** YOU!”

Me: “Sir, you have the wrong number.”

Same Caller: *click*

(My boss who has been observing this the whole time decides to step in.)

Boss: *to me* “I’ll handle the phone now.”

(Not surprisingly, the phone rings again. My boss picks it up, and before the guy on the other end can say anything…)

Boss: “Sir, if you keep pressing redial, you will keep reaching the wrong number.”

Same caller: “Oh, s***!” *click*

(He didn’t call back.)

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