Save It For The Break Room Next Time!

, , , , | Working | August 21, 2020

A customer has been trying to return a blouse she bought nearly three years ago. Our return policy is one month and the blouse isn’t even on our system anymore. I’ve spent several minutes going around in circles with her before she asks for a manager. I turn around to beep for one and quietly let out my frustrations to the colleague stood next to me.

“God, I wish this b**** would f*** off! It’s thirty days, not thirty months! Learn to read!”

My colleague gives me a funny look but I don’t fully register why. I turn back around and the customer is bright red in the face and the entire checkout is staring at me, wide-eyed. The customer grabs her blouse and runs out.

It turns out my colleague had just switched on the tannoy when I started my rant, and the entire store heard me.

I was written up for it and agreed not to be on the checkouts for a while. The store manager found it hilarious, though, and said it wouldn’t go on my quarterly review as it was my first mistake and in his words, “People do make them, just not as spectacularly.”

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