This Sausage Doesn’t Tickle Me Pink

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(My family and I have just ordered and picked up dinner from a local pizza place. While we are eating pizza, my father has ordered a sausage sandwich. He’s taken a few bites before noticing that the inside of the sausage is still completely pink. I call up the restaurant and am transferred to someone, who doesn’t identify themselves.)

Me: “Hi, we ordered the Italian sausage sandwich, and the sausage is still very pink inside and doesn’t look safe to eat.”

Employee: “Yeah, we get that all the time; it’s fine to eat.”

Me: “Honestly, I’m not too sure. It doesn’t look very safe, and my father doesn’t feel comfortable eating it—”

Employee: “Listen. It’s safe. You’re fine; we get this all the time. We’ve been making it for 50 years; I can’t do anything different.”

Me: “I understand that, but the menu doesn’t suggest the sausage would be pink inside, and no one informed us when we ordered or picked up.”

Employee: “Fine, we’ll credit you, but you are complaining about nothing.”

Me: “I’m not. Common sense tells you if meat is still pink, then it’s rare, and eating rare sausage is not appealing. Even if it is cooked, it’s a very unappealing color. Maybe you should tell people who order it ahead of time? You said you get several complaints. Maybe it’s an indication that you should warn people, or try cooking the sausage in a way that it’s not going to be that color.”

Employee: “Listen; what did I just tell you? You’re getting your free food; I don’t need a lecture from you.”

Me: “I don’t need your attitude. You immediately start out telling me I’m flat-out wrong, and don’t even offer an apology. Instead of the sausage sandwich, can we please get a beef one? We were also missing the side sauce we requested originally, so this time I’d like that there. I would also like it if you delivered this, for our inconvenience.”

(The man clearly did not want to deliver the food, but ended up relenting, all with the attitude that I was trying to scam him out of food. We hung up, and about 20 minutes later, the delivery driver knocked and basically threw the bag at me when I answered. Cooked or not, the sausage was not an appealing color, and I don’t think anyone who saw it would feel safe eating it!)

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