Santa’s Big Helpers

, | Related | May 17, 2017

My family has never been one to accept charity. We always tend to do without instead of asking for help. My sister has recently divorced with three kids. She is having it rough, even going as far as asking our father to help with bills.

At Thanksgiving she tells me she doesn’t know what she is going to do for the kids for Christmas. Well, I am not going to let my niece and nephews go without Christmas, so I get together with my girlfriend and we start hitting every clearance or half-off sale we can find.

On Christmas Eve, we load up our minivan with perfectly wrapped presents. While my sister and her kids are at our parents’ house for Christmas dinner, we unload all of them into her den under the Christmas Tree. Then we join everyone for dinner.

The next day we heard she was asking everyone who had played Santa. No one would tell her and it was several years later until she found out. Now, every year, my-now-fiancé and I play Santa with a different family that needs help.

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