Santa Needs To Take It Up With The CEO

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A few years ago my work decided to run a Secret Santa. We each picked a name from the hat and went away to make our purchases. Due to the nature of the job, many people weren’t around for much of December leading into the New Year, and there was no time when we were ALL available to exchange gifts, so it was decided we would do it in January when we were all back from holidays or work trips. The gifts were all handed to the General Manager for safekeeping until the day of the exchange, and away we went.

Skip forward to January. The manager, looking somewhat embarrassed and a little annoyed, informed us that she had been keeping the gifts on the desk of the CEO who was away on business — since she needed her desk to work. But the CEO had returned from his work trip early, while everyone else was away. He saw the gifts, ignored the labels, and assumed they were all for him. So, they were all opened, and there was no way to redistribute them without ruining the “Secret” part of the Secret Santa.

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